NLP Seminars


NLP is an acronym for “Neuro-linguisitc Programming.” “Neuro” refers to our nervous system, the mental pathways of our five senses by which we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell. “Linguistics” refers to our ability to use words and the nonverbal communication of body language. “Programming” comes from the idea that our minds are like computers that store our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and habits.

Understanding how these aspects of your life influence your outcomes, you can learn how to change your thoughts from what they ARE into what you WANT them to be. As you bring more awareness to your life experience you can gently step back and be the witness, realizing you are not your story, who you are is awareness.

Voice Dialogue is a specific method to explore the world of your sub-personalities. You will learn a way to honor all parts of yourself, the parts you love and the parts you want to get rid of. For example, the inner protector, the responsible one,  the pleaser, pusher, perfectionist, inner child, seeker, rebel, healer … we have many parts! The real work is to rest in the center. To have choice rather than be at the effect of the parts.

Voice Dialogue provides a clear explanation of how these selves operate in your life and how they keep you from realizing your full potential. You will learn how to gracefully step back and reclaim your true Self.

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Core Transformation Reaching The Wellspring Within
Seminars Offered
WealthyMind™ Seminar

WealthyMind Seminar is a two-day program that will change how you think about money, wealth and success. This is a practical skill-based program where you will learn cutting-edge skills to identify and change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

Your most important asset in achieving wealth is your mind. Shatter the Ceiling That Is Limiting Your Success and Go For What You Want!

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Your Aligned Self Seminar

A powerful process for becoming more aligned and centered in your relationships with yourself and others. As a young child, we came up with misalignments of how we perceive the world. Given that we came up with misalignments it is not surprising we would perceive ourselves in that manner now.

Are you ready to change those perceptions in a very simple, yet powerful way? This one-day workshop will give you a practical way to find out how you are misaligned, how to change it, and how to keep the change.

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The Core Transformation Seminar

Are You Ready to Make Lasting Changes in Your Life?
Learn a simple yet powerful process to transform ANY problem or “challenge” in your life. It is a personal change technique which takes you on a healing inner journey to the depths of your being.

This amazing process is useful with all kinds of behaviors, from simple limitations like biting your nails, to deeper issues like trauma, anger, jealousy, loneliness, weight loss, habits, relational challenges, illness, self-image, or abuse. Reach the wellspring within yourself.

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Voice Dialogue: A Pathway To Wholeness

Voice Dialogue will give you the tools to easily navigate through daily challenges in life. You will feel more empowered to deal with conflicts within yourself and others. Health goals, career direction, financial hindrances, old limiting beliefs and discover a clear pathway into your future are all noble intentions to discover in a Voice Dialogue session or seminar. You will get a clear map of your psychic which will be invaluable for the rest of your life!