“The Universal Cycles of Change” Creates Health and Wealth (Wealthy Mind Seminars)

By Rainya Dann

Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Human beings are a part of nature, and our universe is about 13 billion years old, so there must be some connection between natural patterns that exist outside of ourselves and unconscious patterns that reside within us. These patterns involve “cycles of change” that occur in all living systems such as plants, trees, stars, cells and animals.


In our human lives, we can examine how habits and thinking influence the cycles we experience and what outcomes occur. Awareness of this process can help us let go of limiting beliefs and instead attract health, wealth, happiness and success. Years of scientific research about this process in NLP reveals how we can let go of limiting beliefs and habits in favor of creating positive change. In our NLP seminars, we teach this awareness through a concept called “Universal Cycles of Change.”


Let’s examine the cycles of trees as a metaphor for how the “Universal Cycles of Change” work. The first cycle is that of creation when a seed is planted. Then the tree grows and reaches maturity in which its leaves have blossomed. Then Autumn sets in, the leaves begin to change, entering a stage called turbulence. The weather gets colder and the tree’s complex state can no longer be supported. Something has got to shift, so the leaves brown as the wind and rain come. This creates the next stage, chaos when the system begins to fall apart. Once chaos sets in there must be some sort of letting go to bring the system back into balance. The tree drops its leaves and it stands in dormancy, or meditation, the final cycle in which the system recycles and regains its balance. Then Spring comes around restarting creation.


All living systems get too complex in their development and must have some kind of a “dropping off” to regain balance. We can learn by modeling after the trees. Have you ever walked by a tree and all of a sudden you hear the tree crying out, “Pleeeease, don’t let my leaves fall off!” This never happens. The trees have simply mastered the art of dropping off and recycling back up to creation.


There is only one living system that does not allow itself to naturally go through this 13 billion-year-old process of universal change. This system allows itself to stay stuck in turbulence and chaos for extended periods of time. It often resists dropping off what needs to be dropped off. Can you guess which system it is? Human beings, of course. Humans resist change in ways that affect relationships, careers, health and joy.


We invite you to join us to learn more about how to let go of limiting beliefs and create the life you want. Our WealthyMind seminar is part of powerful NLP technology that is specifically designed to help us learn how to let go of limiting beliefs and attract more success. Buddha once said, “the key to happiness is learning to let go.

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