Professional Hypnosis Practitioner Training

The Institute for Transpersonal Studies 420 Happy Valley Road, Santa Cruz, CA, United States

This empowering five-month training is balanced with teaching, demonstrations, practice sessions, and experiential learning. This dynamic training invites you to embrace your own healing and personal empowerment so you can... View Article

Hypnosis Training at Villas Camino Del Mar Resort, Mexico

Villas Camino del Mar, Jalisco, Mexico Villas Camino Del Mar, Cihuatlán, Jalisco, Mexico

Earn your certified hypnotherapist certification, or just learn hypnosis and other technology, at the beautiful Villas Camino Del Mar resort in Jalisco Mexico, November 2025. The Intsitute of Transpersonal Therapy headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, invites you to learn Hypnosis – leading to an effective, successful practice and deep personal transformation. For individuals, couples, families seeking growth, or for nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals seeking the benefit their clients and patients. Completion earns you a Certified Professional Hypnosis Practitioner credential (150 hrs.)