The Investment In Your Self Care

How many sessions will it take to achieve my goals?

The number of sessions varies from person to person. I care about my clients and are passionate about getting results, which is why I like to tailor a program to fit your specific needs. Often, I’ll ask, “How long have you had this problem?” It would be fantastic if you can heal it in one session and sometimes that happens. Usually, it is not a “quick fix.” I have found hypnosis works better, faster, and lasts longer than other solutions.

It’s like going to a personal fitness trainer to work out. You cannot grow muscles in one or two visits, it takes time. Consider that hypnosis is a tool to help you grow new mental muscles… new neuropathways.

There is also a “readiness for change” factor. It takes longer for some clients than others. It also depends on what you want to heal from within. Most adults achieve significant results in 3 to 12 sessions and some people choose to go longer. Of course, it is completely up to you how many sessions and for how long you want to do the work.


Designing a Program that Works For You

Clients who are motivated to make changes quickly appreciate getting sessions weekly. After a firm foundation has been built, we meet every other week. We then discuss coming in as needed or once a month, or once a quarter.

I give assignments between sessions. The healing also depends on how much self-care you have time for between sessions. The length of treatment will vary depending on the nature and severity of the life challenge.

Some of the sessions you will be given a personal Hypnosis MP3 to listen to, usually at night. This is a powerful way to reprogramming your subconscious. Installing new beliefs needs repetition. You will be firing and wiring new circuits in your brain and building a bigger model for your transformed Self.


 Payment Options

I offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation to discuss how hypnosis, NLP, Voice Dialogue, and life coaching can support your goals. I suggest making an initial commitment to 3 sessions to experience the changes you wish to see.

Session 1  ~ 2 hours $250.00

Session 2 ~ onward   1 ½ hour $200.00 (recommended)  You may choose to have 2-hour sessions.

One hour session ~  $150.00 (optional)

Children carry less baggage, so they usually require less and shorter sessions. Adults with longstanding medical conditions, addictions, or deeply rooted eating disorders will need multiple sessions that extend over a period of time.


Cancellation Policy

In the event that you cannot keep your appointment, notify Rainya Dann 48 hours beforehand by text or phone call (831-247-2622). Failure to notify Rainya will result in a full charge for the missed appointment. As a courtesy and with respect, Rainya set aside a specific day and time for your appointment. Thank you for honoring this policy.





I have benefited from hypnotherapy sessions and coaching with Rainya since 1990. Rainya is a skilled and highly intuitive Clinical Hypnotherapist who has helped me to experience deep healing and personal transformation.  

 She has helped me resolve many issues from childhood trauma which gave me the confidence to create an empowering life. I am more effective at work, and I love my husband even more!


D.C. Educational Consultant, Santa Cruz, Ca.