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Hypnotherapy and NLP are inspiring, nourishing, and fun to learn

Are You Ready to Make Lasting Changes in Your Life?

Experience simple yet powerful processes to transform ANY problem or challenge.


Hypnosis and NLP Programs in Los Gatos and Santa Cruz, CA.


Hypnosis training, private sessions and transformational events offered to individual clients and students seeking professional development and/or certification in the field. The Institute for Transpersonal Studies provides skills and services grounded in the technologies on Hypnosis combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Voice Dialogue, Breath Workshops, transformative seminars and other proved techniques for healing and empowerment.

Our event schedule includes FREE events, personal transformation seminars and certification training.

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Hypnotherapy School
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Breathwork and Self Hypnosis Events are powerful tools for transformation, healing, and reconnection to the true essence of who you are. Give yourself a morning or afternoon to receive healing wisdom that will stay with you long after the day’s journey.

Self Hypnosis and the breathing process are highly experimental and you can acquire tools for healing, personal empowerment, spiritual growth, and professional development.

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NLP Seminars

NLP is a powerful and practical technology to help people overcome fears, strengthen health, enrich relationships, increase self-confidence, and support success in reaching goals. These weekend Seminars offer tools you can use to transform your daily life.

The techniques are quick and easy to learn. It is empowering to be able to get yourself out of a “stuck place.”

You will learn processes to change the way you perceive your inner self and that will change your external world.

Hypnosis Training

The Hypnosis Certification program provides carefully designed, in-depth training with an interactive, client-oriented approach to Hypnosis, NLP and Voice Dialogue. The training offers a unique and powerful challenge to go deep into yourself in an atmosphere of loving kindness, safety, and integrity.

The Hypnosis Trainings are taught in Santa Cruz, CA. as well as an Intesive in Hawaii. The Trainings are balanced with teaching, demonstrations, practice sessions, and experiential learning. This dynamic journey invites you to embrace your own healing and personal empowerment so you can be available to transform lives.

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