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Experience Hypnosis to release the past and enjoy your vast presence.

The Institute for Transpersonal Studies

Founded in 1988, The Institute for Transpersonal Studies in Santa Cruz & Los Gatos, California offers personal sessions, transformational events and professional Hypnosis Certification training which includes Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Voice Dialogue and more. This is a Hypnosis school and so much more, where you can acquire tools for healing, personal empowerment, spiritual growth and professional development.

The Professional Hypnosis Practitioner Training program is recognized by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (California Education Code Section 94874.)

The Institute Field
Rainya Dann, Director
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Life Coach, and  NLP Trainer

Rainya’s mission to offer healing, transformation and empowerment to all who are open to creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Rainya Dann has been studying and teaching for over 30 years …

More About Rainya
Rainya Dann
"As a psychotherapist, I use many of the techniques I learned in Rainya's Training with my clients. Her book, Finding Inner Harmony with Hypnosis, is inspirational, informational, and practical for anyone who is seeking harmony and healing."
"I have been a massage practitioner for 8 years, and I found Rainya's training incredibly valuable in empowering me with tools to meet my clients on multiple levels... not to mention my own self-healing opportunities in the process."
C.L. Personal Fitness Trainer CHT
"Hypnotherapy has allowed me to release deep-seated fear, resentment and anger. I now have greater clarity, compassion and peace in my love relationship."