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Hypnosis Training in Kauai, Hawaii

September 27 - October 11

2 weeks in Hawaii ~ 3 weekends on Zoom

3 weekends on Zoom September 9, 10 & November 11, 12 & December 2, 3, 2023
Entire dates of Training: September 9, 2023 – December 4, 2023

The Hypnosis Certification program in Hawaii provides carefully designed, in-depth training with an interactive, client-oriented approach to Hypnosis and  NLP. The training offers a unique and powerful challenge to go deep into yourself in an atmosphere of loving kindness, safety, and integrity. Classes include lectures, demonstrations, group Hypnosis processes, supervised practice, movement, and silence to integrate the teachings. These components are essential to learning Hypnosis – leading to an effective, successful practice and deep personal transformation. All lectures are augmented by live demonstrations with class members. Each aspect of inducing a trance and utilizing a particular technique will be broken down and explored fully.
This Training can be taken solely for personal growth.

  • We will be meeting for 2 weeks in Hawaii from September 27, October 11, 2023
  • We will meet for 3 weekends on zoom or at the Institute in Santa Cruz, CA. on September 9 & 10 & November 11 &12 December 2,3 2023.
  • We will have Zoom training sessions on September 13, 20, October 25, November 8, & November 22, 2023

If you would like to stay a 3rd week in Hawaii, we will have time for practice sessions, personal inquiry, and a deeper integration of the teachings. We will also create island adventures. October 21 -28, 2022.

This training offers a step-by-step comprehensive manual on how to incorporate each technique.
Upon completion of all coursework, you will be a Certified Professional Hypnosis Practitioner. 150-hours of training.

This Program includes:

This program consists of 8 modules (see the overview of each, below): 

1.    Fundamentals of Hypnosis
2.    Fundamentals of NLP
3.    Healing the Wounds of the Past
4.    The Transpersonal Approach & NLP
5.    Healing The Body/Mind
6.    Past Life Regression
7.    Specific Protocols and Overview
8.    Setting Up a Professional Practice
9.   Zoom Training Sessions

1. Fundamentals of Hypnosis

Course includes: History of Hypnosis, misconceptions about Hypnosis, functions of Hypnosis, suggestibility testing, different levels of trance, use of the voice, inducing and deepening trance, the inner sanctuary, stress reduction strategies, accessing subconscious wisdom, 7 rules of creating dynamic suggestions, personal scriptwriting, posthypnotic suggestion, Erickson metaphor, self-hypnosis.

Students will be able to successfully take an individual into hypnosis and give post-hypnotic suggestions to support their goals. Students will be given many hypnotic inductions for self-hypnosis, group inductions, as well as developing competency in accessing inner resources for personal and professional transformation. Learn deep relaxation processes to reset the nervous system, enabling you to deal with stress in a much healthier way.

2. Fundamentals of NLP

Course includes: NLP presuppositions, rapport building skills for clients, techniques in calibration, representational systems and anchoring. Protocol for client interview for reaching achievable goals. Powerful NLP patterns to change unwanted habits, reduce stress, neuro-logical levels of alignment, and build motivation towards success. 

3. Healing the Wounds of the Past

Course includes: Identify core issues, clear up unfinished business through age regression, emotional release processes, embrace the child within, the Alchemical approach to dealing with resistance to feeling emotions. Transform traumatic memories into positive resources of safety, empowerment, and wisdom. Skills to create a relationship with the inner child.

4. The Transpersonal Approach & NLP

Course includes: Hypnosis to contact inner resources for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth,finding the inner healer within, accessing the True Selfand expanding intuition.

Milton Erickson Model of language patterns, verbal reframing, Internal conflict resolution, change history, clear phobias and apply NLP processes for health issues. Learn Neuro-linguistic programming methods that integrate into hypnosis sessions.

5. Healing the Body/Mind

Course includes: The psychological component to disease , hypnosis to assist in releasing limiting beliefs, pain control techniques for acute and chronic pain. Use metaphoric hypnosis to create a better state of health and greater success in healing. Learn NLP strategies for allergies and transforming illness.   

6. Past Life Regression

Course includes: Hypnosis to access past lives to understand confusing relationships, unwanted patterns, and to discover hidden resources. Explore past life personalities to achieve greater personal empowerment, creativity, and healing abilities. Learn 5 past life theories and definitions of karma.

7. Specific Protocols and Overview

Course includes: 12 processes to support weight loss reduction, smoking cessation, visualizations to support cancer clients, relief from insomnia, headaches, back pain, pre-operative and post-operative hypnosis protocol. Discussion of what process to use for client’s specific needs and client intake forms.

8. Setting Up a Professional Practice

Course includes: Advertising, marketing opportunities, office management, ethical and legal aspects of business, conditions that warrant referral, transference and counter-transference issues. Graduation ceremony as well as learning how to set up a therapeutic ritual to mark a change in a client’s life.


9. Zoom Training Sessions

Course includes: Trance, lecture, questions and answers about practice sessions. Thursday’s October 27, November 3, 10, 17, 2022

Weekends on zoom or in person at 420 Happy Valley Rd Santa Cruz, CA. September 24, 25 & November 19, 20, 2022.


Upon completion, you will have in-depth knowledge of when to use the techniques acquired through this Training. With practice and supervised attention, you will gain the confidence to work with clients in your niche market. You will also learn how to work with clients over multiple sessions by offering them a progressive path towards greater levels of clarity and achievement.

Individuals and professionals will be rewarded with a deep and profound sense of self. You will be given the tools required for observing negative programming, outdated belief systems, and debilitating fears so you can move more naturally in the present moment. You will also learn how to guide others to heal trauma and assist them in gaining a sense of personal safety and empowerment.

The program comes with MP3’s of key lectures and live demonstrations.


Upon completion of all coursework, you will be a Certified Professional Hypnosis Practitioner. 150-hours of training.

Required reading before taking the course: 

To be purchased separately:

Finding Inner Harmony with Hypnosis by Rainya M. Dann ($23.56)

Alchemical Hypnosis by David Quigley ($11.95) 


Certification Requirements:

  1. The Program requires a $150.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place. This is a one time, non-refundable deposit for the seven modules of training.
  2. Attend 80% of the course sessions.
  3. Perform 10 Practice Sessions (given outside of class time) and document them.
  4. Two required reading books. A written summary of the key points to be submitted.
  5. Ten Personal Practices to be documented and turned in before Certification is granted. 



September 27
October 11


Rainya M. Dann
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