The Career of Hypnotherapy (and Skills for Other Professionals)

Why investigate the career of Hypnotherapy, or official Hypnotherapy Certification?

Enter the career of Hypnotherapy or add this powerful technology to your professional or personal skill set. Learning Hypnosis is great for professionals as well as everyone else who wants basic and advanced training in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Voice Dialogue and other proven tools for transformation. Seeking Hypnotherapy Certification will reward you with countless tools that make a positive difference in the quality of people's lives. Learn Hypnosis to gain a skill that will enhance the potential happiness in your own life and in the lives of everyone you ever know.

If you are already working with people in another healing-based or motivational profession such as nurse, business professional, coach, etc, you will quickly recognize the value of adding Hypnotherapy to your professional skill set. Many people also take the Hypnotherapy training solely to accelerate their own personal growth and transformation. It is a magnificent gift to give yourself (and others around you) offering the opportunity to be free of unconscious programming and to rest deeply in the essence of a joyful life.

The Career of Hypnotherapy (and Skills for Other Professionals)

The Hypnotherapy Certification program at the 25 year old Institute for Transpersonal Studies provides carefully designed, in-depth training with an interactive, client oriented approach to Hypnotherapy, NLP and Voice Dialogue. The training offers a unique and powerful challenge to go deep into yourself in an atmosphere of loving kindness, safety and integrity. Classes include lectures, demonstrations, group Hypnosis processes, supervised practice, movement and silence to integrate the teachings. These components are an essential to learn Hypnosis - leading to an effective, successful practice and deep personal transformation. All lectures are augmented by live demonstrations with class members. Each aspect of inducing a trance and utilizing a particular technique will be broken down and explored fully. This training offers a step-by-step comprehensive manual on how to incorporate each technique. At the end of the program, students will be awarded with a certificate in Hypnotherapy from the Institute For Transpersonal Studies Hypnotherapy School.

January 20~February 3, 2018
Investment $1,660.

This 2 week training is balanced with teaching, practice sessions, relaxation and enjoying nature as a way of integrating the teachings. Upon completion of all course work you will be a Certified in Hypnosis.

Fundamentals of NLP
Course includes: NLP presuppositions, the mastermind principle, rapport building skills for clients, techniques in calibration, representational systems and anchoring. Protocol for client interview for reaching achievable goals. Powerful NLP patterns to change unwanted habits, reduce stress, and build motivation towards success.

Healing the Wounds of the Past
Course includes: Identify core issues, clear up unfinished business through age regression, emotional release processes, embrace the child within, the Alchemical approach to dealing with resistance to feeling emotions. Transform traumatic memories into positive resources of safety, empowerment, and wisdom. Skills to create a relationship with the inner child.

NLP Technology
Course includes: Milton Erickson Model of language patterns, verbal reframing, Internal conflict resolution, anchor integration, change history, clearing phobias and apply NLP processes to health issues. Neuro-linguistic programming methods that integrate into hypnotherapy sessions.

Healing The Body/Mind
Course includes:
The psychological component to disease, Hypnosis to assist in releasing limiting beliefs, Pain control techniques for acute and chronic pain. Use metaphoric Hypnosis to create a better state of health and greater success in healing.

Past Life Regression
Course includes:
Hypnosis to access past lives to understand confusing relationships, unwanted patterns and discover hidden resources. Explore past life personalities to achieve greater personal empowerment, creativity and healing abilities. Learn 5 past life theories and definitions of karma.

Specific Protocols and Overview
Course includes:
12 processes to support weight loss reduction, smoking cessation, visualizations to support cancer clients, relief from insomnia, headaches, back pain, pre-operative and post-operative Hypnosis protocol. Discussion of what process to use for client’s specific needs and client intake forms.

Upon completion of this training, individuals and professionals will be rewarded with a deep and profound sense of self. You will be given the tools required for observing negative programming, outdated and archaic belief systems, and debilitating fears so you can move more fluidly in the present moment. You will learn how to stay centered and point yourself in a direction that is powerful and purposeful. You will also learn how to guide others through their past lives to heal trauma’s and assist them in gaining a sense of personal safety and empowerment.

Program comes with a Training Manual and MP3’s of Key Lectures.

Certification Requirements:      

     a.) Each program requires a $150.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place.
     b.) Attend 80% of the course sessions.
     c.) Perform practice sessions and document them.
     d.) Read two of the four suggested books.
     e.) Daily personal practice.
     f.) Passing grade on the final examination.

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Suggested Reading

  • Hypnosis For Change by Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher
  • Finding Clarity by Jeru Kabbal
  • The Heart of the Mind by Connirae and Steve Andreas
  • Alchemical Hypnotherapy by David Quigley Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Guide to Trance-formation by Richard Bandler
    Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors Edited by D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D

Often students choose to take the training solely for personal growth. In that case you are not required to turn in the assignments or to take the examination. Your personal needs for healing will be respected. If notice of withdrawal is made before the first day of class the refund is 100 percent less the non-refundable portion of $150.00.

Certified Hypnosis Training

Certified Hypnotherapist
Investment $650.

Arriving home ~ after you return from the training you will be given the opportunity to join the online training or meet in Santa Cruz for more support to become a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Course Review and Supervision
Course includes:
Advanced NLP Techniques, clinical case practice and supervision, assessment techniques and professional interview skills. Instructions for making your own hypnosis MP3 downloads, and how to set up and facilitate workshops. Review and final examination.

Setting Up A Professional Practice
Course includes:
Advertising, marketing opportunities, office management, ethical and legal aspects of business, conditions that warrant referral, transference and counter-transference issues. Clarification of life purpose and mission statement. How to set up a therapeutic ritual to mark a change in client's life. Review of examination and graduation ritual.

Upon completion of this training, you will have an in-depth knowing for when to use the techniques acquired through this training. With practice and supervised attention you will gain the confidence you need to work with clients in your niche market. You will also learn how to work with clients over multiple sessions by offering them a progressive path towards greater levels of clarity and achievement.


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"As a psychotherapist working full time for a non-profit agency, one of my biggest challenges has always been self care. The Transpersonal Hypnotherapy training with Rainya was a deeply nourishing experience. I now have new tools to offer my clients and I can also support my own health and well being. I am able to continue the work I love with greater health
and inner resources!"
~H.T. Marriage and Family Therapist,
Santa Cruz, Ca
"We make a living by what we get, but
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